As You Wish It Jewelry Armoire

The Inspiration for this Jewelry Armoire came by way of my daughter Jana and her love of Tinker bell. It also started out as a simple jewelry box but took on a life of its own. Although conceptually, the idea was mine, my wife April became chief designer where the piece became more of a Peter Pan theme. She did all the work finding the right pictures and cartoons for the marquetry collection on the piece and did all the drawings. She also made all of the silver pieces that are inlaid into the jewelry chest. Although this is not a “Disney” piece we dyed the woods used for Tinker Bells dress and shoes as close to the “Disney” colors as possible. Finally it was named “If you wish it” by my sister in law Dawn Everitt.

The following mix of solid woods and wood veneers were used on the project:

Curly maple, Ice Birch, Purple Heart, Poplar, Holly, Kyoto, African Satinwood, Olive Ash burl, Mappa Burl, Red Oak, and Beech.